Hear directly from our team about the work and priorities of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation as we work to make our region stronger.

Generous Community: Scholarships can help with your next step

Someone else is standing by, ready and eager to help pay for your education. That’s no exaggeration. It’s my job at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. And the foundation team and I would like nothing more than to deliver. Recently, I’ve traveled to more than 30 Northland high schools promoting the foundation’s nearly 100 scholarships, together worth about $800,000 annually. I urge students to

Generous Community: It’s an honor to thank our donors

My mom used to tell me to write thank you notes. I confess that I wasn’t very responsive. But one practice I’ve built into my early morning routine at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation is writing thank you notes. We receive donations from around our region and across the country. Donors give generously to support grant work and scholarships for this place we call

Generous Community: We’re all about systems change

For months, a big part of our work and world at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation has been about systems change. I’m not talking about big-picture system change, which takes on massive, societal issues of the day. I’m talking about changing the day-in, day-out systems we use to do our work at the foundation. Much like planning, the topic I addressed in my last

Generous Community: Our planning impacts how we serve

Planning. It’s not a word that thrills you, right? It sounds smart, adult, thoughtful and necessary—even when I’m constantly telling my kids to do it. But you don’t boast to your friends or share on Instagram that you’re about to head off to do some serious planning. Yet planning is a big piece of what we’re doing at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation this