Generous Community: Scholarships can help with your next step

Generous Community: Scholarships can help with your next step

Someone else is standing by, ready and eager to help pay for your education.

That’s no exaggeration. It’s my job at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. And the foundation team and I would like nothing more than to deliver.

Recently, I’ve traveled to more than 30 Northland high schools promoting the foundation’s nearly 100 scholarships, together worth about $800,000 annually. I urge students to apply for as many as they can.

These local and regional scholarships present huge opportunities for students to finance their educations. Competition is dramatically limited, compared with national scholarships. The number of students applying for each of our scholarships ranges from one to 60. Your odds of receiving an award are high. 

Many students don’t apply for scholarships because they think that these opportunities are only for academic high-fliers or that they don’t qualify for some other reason. But the foundation has a scholarship for everyone interested in pursuing higher education of all kinds.

We don’t require ACT scores for any of our scholarships. Sometimes we don’t even ask for a high school or college GPA. Many of our scholarships look beyond school experience and are geared toward students who have overcome obstacles or given back to the community, for example.

Some scholarships consider financial need. Others don’t. The foundation also offers scholarships for all types of educational programs, from two- and four-year colleges and universities to trade schools and licensure programs.

No matter what you want to study, we have you covered.

The application process can be a bit daunting. But it’s all online. And I encourage students to consider the big picture.

Four or five hours applying for a scholarship that you never have to repay seems worth it when you compare that with years of paying off college debt. Also, if you receive $2,000 in scholarships for four hours of application work, you have earned $500 an hour!

Still, sadly, many of our foundation scholarships go unawarded because no students apply for them.

So, let us help fund your education. We believe in you and your future.

All you have to do is apply.

Amber Burns is a community impact specialist overseeing scholarship programs at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. You can reach her at 218-726-0232 or [email protected]. Check back regularly for future installments of the foundation’s Generous Community blog.