Create a fund

Our team at the Community Foundation will work with you to create a fund that will help you reach 
your charitable giving goals. We aim to improve the quality of life in our region by pooling and
distributing charitable funds. Customized funds generally start at $25,000.

Benefits of working with the Community Foundation include:
  • Fund Management
    We manage charitable funds donated by individuals, families, corporations, and other organizations. These funds  are invested, and the returns are used to support various charitable activities.

  • Grantmaking
    We distribute grants to local nonprofits, charitable organizations, and community projects that address diverse needs such as education, health, arts, environment, social services, and more. Grantmaking is often tailored to the specific needs of the community.

  • Community Leadership
    The Community Foundation takes a leadership role in identifying and addressing community issues. We collaborate with various stakeholders to initiate or support programs that bring about positive change.

  • Donor Services
    We offer services to donors, providing advice, expertise, and administrative support for charitable giving. In addition to accepting gifts of cash and stock, we also accept a wide range of non-cash assets including: real estate, privately held stock, life insurance and other assets.

  • Tax Advantages
    Donors can receive maximum tax benefits for their charitable contributions .

  • Legacy Building
    We provide a way for individuals and families to establish a lasting legacy by supporting causes important to them. 

Types of Funds:
  • Unrestricted Funds
    Donors contribute without specifying a particular purpose, allowing the Community Foundation to allocate funds to areas of greatest
    need within the community. Serving as a permanent endowment for our community, our Community Opportunity Fund is the best way to make a lasting difference!

  • Donor Advised Funds
    Donors recommend specific charitable organizations or causes to support. To learn more click HERE.

  • Field-of-Interest Funds
    These funds support specific causes or fields, such as education, healthcare, environment, or the arts. Donors specify an area of interest, and the foundation distributes grants accordingly.

  • Designated Funds
    Donors choose one or more nonprofits they care about to receive support from their fund, providing a consistent stream of income for the organization forever!

  • Organizational Endowed Funds
    Similar to a designated fund, but set up by a nonprofit organization, an organizational endowed fund protects the capital of an organization, demonstrates long-term financial planning, and can provide a steady source of income. To learn more click HERE.

  • Scholarship Funds
    These funds support educational opportunities for students of all ages, providing scholarships for higher education or specialized training. To learn more click HERE.

To learn more about creating a fund at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation please
 contact Development Director, Jessica Peterson: [email protected] or 218-520-1120.