Hear directly from our team about the work and priorities of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation as we work to make our region stronger.

Generous Community: Our planning impacts how we serve

Planning. It’s not a word that thrills you, right? It sounds smart, adult, thoughtful and necessary—even when I’m constantly telling my kids to do it. But you don’t boast to your friends or share on Instagram that you’re about to head off to do some serious planning. Yet planning is a big piece of what we’re doing at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation this

Generous Community: Scott Anderson’s enduring legacy

Scott Anderson is one of my heroes.  Years ago, I read his book, “Distant Fires,” about his paddle trip retracing the famous 1930 Eric Sevareid journey from Duluth to Hudson Bay. I loved it. My youngest child, Mercedes, and I paddled 225 miles of the same route last summer—a trip I will cherish forever. Anderson’s joy, wisdom and passion for life shone through in his book

Generous Community: Inspired by the new Bethany

A few weeks ago, I toured the new Bethany Crisis Shelter in Morgan Park. My wife, Sara, and I also went to their celebration night at Clyde Iron Works. If you’re not aware, Bethany is operated by Lutheran Social Services and has been serving young people in crisis in our community for decades. LSS, through the leadership of Kathryn Tiede, a Lutheran pastor and associate vice president