Two instructors sharing story in interview

Powerful partnerships, visionary nonprofits and generous donors together build stronger and healthier communities. Touchstone honorees demonstrate the impact that grant support has across the region. Explore the stories here and see the how the generosity of donors is making a difference.

Special thanks to WDIO News for their partnership in creating these stories.

Outside the box


Area youth are building skills and confidence outside the box. The project, designed by area architects, builds future professionals and shares the creative journey by design. Students are gaining much more than design skills through partnerships at American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO), Duluth Folk School and others. 

Entrepreneur Fund & delicious dreams


Small businesses are growing in northeasten Minnesota through consulting and coaching from the Entrepreneur Fund. Through the Fund’s Stride Program, black and brown entrepreneurs launched and grew new food enterprises across the region, featuring Vegan, Japanese, BBQ and Soul Food cuisine. 

Building connection


Youth outreach by the nonprofit Men As Peacemakers brings connection and confidence through MEGA–Make Equal Genders Awesome. The MEGA team visits Duluth schools and works with kids in person. Sarah Curtiss, Executive Director of Men As Peacemakers, says the effort breaks stereotypes and prevents harm before it starts

Friends of Finland


The Friends of Finland build up their rural, North Shore community through planning and leadership. Grant funding from the Community Opportunity Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation supports their efforts.