Scholarship applications open Dec. 1

Scholarship applications open Dec. 1

Foundation provides more than $800,000 annually to Northland students

DULUTH—More than $800,000 in scholarships will be available starting Dec. 1 to soon-to-graduate high school seniors and other Northland residents seeking financial help with college studies of all kinds.

The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation annually provides financial help through 80 scholarship programs established by donors and partners to help students throughout the region. The first step for students interested in applying is to review the scholarships on the foundation’s website to determine interest and eligibility.

Then, starting Dec. 1, students can apply using the foundation’s online form, also available on the website. Filling out the application makes students eligible for most scholarships.

This year, the foundation has a new website that will make reviewing scholarship offerings and applying easier. The site allows students to search for eligibility based on the high school from which they graduated or GED program that they completed. Many of the scholarships are geographically based. All scholarship descriptions list eligibility requirements.

“Providing scholarships is one of the biggest jobs we do at the foundation,” said Amber Burns, the community impact specialist who oversees the program. “Our region has always valued higher education. That shows with the many scholarships our donors and partners have created and that we have the pleasure of offering every year.”

She added: “We are excited to announce that students will soon be able to start applying for these scholarships. We know scholarships can make a big difference, whether students are pursuing education at a vocational or trade school, a community college, a four-year college or university or a graduate program. Many of our scholarships are renewable for up to four years. A little time spent reviewing the scholarships and applying can mean a lot to students as they try to make college work financially.”

In addition, to information available on the website, the foundation is conducting Scholarship Night presentations at local high schools to share more information about offerings.

The deadline for applying for scholarships is Feb. 15. Students typically learn in the spring if they have received a scholarship for the coming academic year.

For more information about the foundation’s scholarship offerings, please contact Burns at [email protected] or 218-726-0232.