Ready North Disaster Response Exercise

Disaster exercise promotes coordinated response and recovery

DULUTH—In the event of a natural disaster or large-scale emergency, a successful community recovery requires collaboration. Coordination between first responders, community nonprofits, and social service agencies is key. The Ready North Network is bringing area nonprofits and social service groups together to conduct a simulation exercise to ensure no one gets left behind when a real disaster strikes.

Ready North Network member, Ecolibrium3 is guiding community partners through disaster response and recovery simulations on Thursday, February 22nd from 2-4 PM at the Lincoln Park Hub, 2014 W. 3rd Street, Duluth, MN.

During this exercise, two disaster scenarios will be presented. Organizations will discuss how to coordinate and provide support to the community, and our most vulnerable members.

“The government response only goes to a point, and there are often community needs that might still need to be met,” said Jodi Slick, CEO of Ecolibrium3. “We need to consider who needs help, over what timeframe, and which agencies are needed to fully support those who are impacted.”

Key objectives of the simulation include testing communication systems, identifying the roles of partners, assessing gaps in resource allocation, and enhancing coordination among emergency responders, government agencies, and community organizations.

The success of this simulation underscores the Ready North Network’s ongoing commitment to emergency preparedness and resilience-building efforts. Lessons learned from the exercise will be used to enhance emergency response plans, refine coordination mechanisms between area nonprofits and social service organizations, and improve overall readiness for future disasters.

Under a grant from the US Department of Energy, the exercise format and lessons learned will become part of a national toolkit for building resilient communities.

For more information about the simulation exercise, please contact Reese Van Houten on the planning team at [email protected].