Hubert A. Nelson Scholarship Fund

The Hubert A. Nelson Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for Duluth and Superior high school seniors who intend to major in business or accounting at the University of Minnesota Duluth or the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Seniors must graduate in the top 25 percent of their class from a Duluth or Superior public or private high school. Applicants must submit a transcript (including standardized test scores), one recommendation and documentation of financial need. Generally, awards are divided into spring and fall installments and are renewable for four years, assuming proper academic progress (GPA of 2.5 or greater). Depending on the availability of funds, full-time summer school attendance may be awarded if sufficient credits are earned. Hubert A. Nelson was born in Duluth in 1913. He was a graduate of the University of Minnesota and served with the FBI. He later worked as treasurer of the W. S. Moore Mining Co. in Duluth. He served with the Duluth Development Co., responsible for much of the renovation of downtown Duluth.