Wirtanen Family Fund

MissionThe fund supports initiatives that: Increase community awareness of global interdependence Encourage progressive social change Broaden democratic participation, particularly to assure continued freedom of expression as guaranteed by the First […]

Wetherby Fund

MissionThe fund encourages and enables projects that strengthen our community by addressing underprivileged children’s educational needs, basic material needs and appreciation of nature. The fund considers funding for special projects […]

Sandbulte Family Higher Education Endowment Fund

MissionThe fund supports science, engineering and business programs and faculty at the College of St. Scholastica, the University of Minnesota Duluth and Lake Superior College.   ExamplesRobert D. Putnam and his […]

Michael Adam Carroll Memorial Fund

MissionThe fund encourages and enables organizations that provide services to disabled youth and their families, particularly in the areas of family support and respite care. The fund supports projects that: […]

Lone Wolf Fund

MissionThe fund promotes environmental education, particularly through programs that increase access for children who have a physical and/or mental disability. It also advances medical science through research, particularly for cancer […]

Four Cedars Environmental Fund

MissionThe Four Cedars Environmental Fund provides financial incentives that initiate, stimulate, enrich and assist programs and organizations involved in the protection, preservation and education of the unique natural resources found […]

Biodiversity Fund

MissionThe Biodiversity Fund supports efforts to maintain and strengthen biodiversity in the Duluth-Superior region through preservation and restoration of habitat, help for particular species and ecosystems, planning for changing conditions, […]

Anishinabe Fund

Mission The Anishinabe Fund fosters cultural awareness of Anishinabe/Ojibwe artistic, spiritual and domestic traditions and objects, both historic and contemporary. It encourages the migration of ideas from the Anishinabe/Ojibwe culture […]

Animal-Assisted Therapy Fund

MissionThe Animal-Assisted Therapy Fund promotes and provides animal-assisted therapy for people of all ages with mental, emotional and psychological challenges. The fund supports this work in the memory of Cordelia […]